The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics provides a University of Iowa site license for Qiagen's Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)


It is suggested that you first obtain a free trial license from Ingenuity before using the UI site license.

Users on the University of Iowa site license will be charged $75 per hour. Billing is processed monthly and automatically debited from a provided MFK. PIs will receive a statement each month.

Cost justification:

Qiagen's site (i.e., institution-wide) licenses for Ingenuity Pathway Analysis are designed so that anyone with a email address may be added to the site license; each site determines how many concurrent users (i.e., seats) is necessary to support the user needs. The IIHG has chosen to pay for two seats, meaning two users may access the interface at any given time. Each seat costs ~$32,000 per year, hence the decision by the IIHG to charge $75/hour for use.