Illumina Infinium BeadChip Arrays

Human Genotyping and Methylation Arrays- Reaction chemistry to prepare sample for hybridization, hybridization, scan and the array.



Array Format


Markers Per Sample

Custom Marker Add-On
Infinium Human Methylation EPIC v2


$505 (low quality or FFPE)

Infinium Mouse Methylation$27812>285K-
Infinium Omni 5-4 v1.2$43444.3M500K
Infinium Omni 5 Exome-4 v1.3$4404~4.5M200K
Infinium Core-24 v1.2$10924>300K300K
Infinium CoreExome-24 v1.4$11524>550K100K
ImmunoArray-24 v2$10224>250K390K
QC Array-24$782415,949-
Exome-24 v1.1$10724244,883400K
Global Screening Array-24 v3$10224>664K50K
Infinium Global Diversity Array-8 v1.0 Kit$1898>1.6M175K

Please contact Dr. Kevin Knudtson for pricing of arrays not listed above.

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