The IIHG Genomics Division provides massively parallel DNA sequencing using the Oxford Nanopore Technologies Long-read platform. Investigators can submit RNA/DNA samples for library preparation and sequencing or submit their own prepared libraries and have us perform the sequencing. To complement our long-read sequencing service, the IIHG Bioinformatics Division supports the analysis of the data generated by this platform. All data are back up and archived. 

The Oxford Nanopore Technologies platform is a third generation NGS technology that permits the ability to directly sequence native DNA or RNA without amplification.  Because base detection and calling can be achieved without first amplifying the target, PCR bias effects are eliminated from the data. By working with native DNA, strand and base modification information can be maintained. The long read capabilities of the pore-based flow cells permit sequencing through long repeat regions as compared to short-read NGS. These long reads have also been particularly useful for detecting structural variants throughout the genome.


Oxford Nanopore MinION

  • Capable of generating over 10Gb of data per flow cell
  • Each flow cell gives 1- 9 M reads, depending on sample type and read length
  • Reads are typically 5kb-40kb.  Longer reads up to 250 kb+ can be achieved with DNA extraction optimization
  • DNA samples can be multiplexed to permit sequencing of more than 1 sample per flow cell

Sample Submission

All projects will start with a meeting to go over the workflow including sample preparation, submission requirements and downstream analysis solutions.

Long sequencing reads can be collected from genomic DNA, RNA, cDNA, 16S or other amplicons. Input amounts will depend on library type and application.  Specific input amounts and sample concentrations will be discussed during the meeting.

Fee Schedule

Library PrepNumber of SamplesCost Per Project
RNA Ligation Sequencing (non-barcoded)1$300
DNA Ligation Sequencing (non-barcoded)1$300
DNA Ligation Sequencing (barcoded)1$400
 2-24$40 per sample
DNA Rapid Sequencing1$150
 2-24$25 per sample


SequencingNumber of Flow CellsCost Per Flow Cell
MinION R9.4.1 or R10.4.11$1000